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Telehealth Services for Children and Adolescents

Telehealth Services


NSCN now offers Telehealth Counseling and Assessment services as an option for individual therapy, parent and family consultations, and neuropsychological and educational evaluations.  Telehealth, or “virtual” sessions allow us to improve access to mental health services regardless of your ability to come to one of our offices in-person.  Many clients are opting in to Telehealth services during the Covid-19 crisis to help ensure safe and timely access to services, and also uninterrupted continuity of care. 


Telehealth services can be provided through video or phone sessions, and does require the client to have access to the appropriate technology (secure internet connection, computer or tablet with a microphone and camera, and private, distraction-free space).  

North Shore Children's Neuropsychology T
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