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Understanding Child Neuropsychology Assessments 

What is a Neuropsych Assessment?

A Neuropsych Assessment evaluates multiple areas of brain functioning with the goal of understanding and ultimately maxmimizing a child's cognitive and emotional development. Healthy development is the product of cognition, personality, mood, and physical or environmental factors that interact to produce a child's behaviors. Dr. Kavanagh uses a client-centered, strengths-based approach to assessment, where the testing process and a child's history are essential to accurately interpreting data and producing helpful recommendations.  


How long is a Neuropsych Assessment?

The complete assessment process takes approximately 6-8 hours including testing, intake, scoring, report writing, and a feedback session.


Is a Neuropsych Assessment right for my child?

Neuropsychological and Neurodevelopmental Evaluations are a great way to get an accurate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment plans, as well as answer questions like:


  • What are my child’s functional strengths and weaknesses?

  • How can we build on my child’s strengths to develop new skills?

  • Are there signs that my child may have a developmental disorder or a specific syndrome?

  • Based on where my child is today, what future levels of development should I expect?

  • What effect will my child’s strengths or weaknesses have on his/her academic performance and social or emotional adjustment?

  • How will my child respond to interventions and treatments?

  • How can we educate my child’s school, home and other environments about his or her strengths and weaknesses to create successful intervention strategies?

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