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Patient & Parent Experiences

"Working with Megan was an enormous learning experience for our family. She is progressive in her thinking and analysis, concise and direct as well as thoughtful in her recommendations. As parents, we learned so much about our son, not only about the way his mind operates but also about he how he feels. After working with Megan, our son felt an indescribable sense of relief and validation. He found her to be approachable and comfortable to work with. Thanks to Megan's help and direction, we were able to come up with a comprehensive educational plan to help support our son's needs and ultimately set him on a course to achieve success as a student and as a person."

"Megan has been instrumental in getting our son on a happy and healthy path. I have been told by numerous educators what a thorough and well written neuropsych report she provided. With her recommendations we have accessed outstanding services both inside and outside the classroom. Megan's easy rapport with our son make his visits with her something he enjoys."

"Dr. Kavanagh was included on a list of potential psychologists for my pre-teenaged child about whom I was very concerned. I called a few on the list and met with a couple of local therapists. My child was dealing with several emotional issues, including anxiety and depression and was completely resistant to any form of therapy and hated me. I met with Dr. Kavanagh and was instantly impressed with her professionalism, her approachability and her calm presence. I really hoped that she would be able to work with my child and our family. It has been a few years now, and that same child is almost unrecognizable. The moody, silent, unhappy child is now less moody, almost happy at times, well, still a teenager, (no true miracles, come on now) is able to articulate feelings and express thoughts, however uncomfortable the situation may be, and cannot wait to see Dr. K. each week.  I am and will be forever grateful for the enormous role Dr. K has had during this tumultuous time in my child's development."    

"Our daughter has been seeing Dr. Megan Kavanagh for over a year to help with her anxiety.  Megan has used Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) with our daughter and she has learned appropriate coping skills to help relieve her anxiety.  Dr. Kavanagh provides our daughter with a safe, secure place to help her discuss her fears and to help her find the best way to cope with the difficult issues that adolescence can bring.  We have seen tremendous improvement in her self-confidence and school performance.  Dr. Kavanagh is kind and compassionate and has been a positive influence to our daughter."

“Megan stands out as a talented professional who was able to quickly develop a trusting rapport with our twelve-year-old son. She continually brought curiosity and care to her work with him, which quickly led to what my husband and I felt was a well-informed diagnosis based on solid evidence. Her final report was comprehensive and well-written. Megan went out of her way with us on several occasions to help better inform and guide us as we sought to understand more about our son's learning profile and seek appropriate school and other resources for him. She even offered age-appropriate expertise to our son as he sought to understand more about the ways in which he learns best. I highly recommend Megan.”

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